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Drywall Installation

Prestige Insulation & Drywall is the most professional drywall installer in Mansfield, and Central Ohio. We have  the experience and efficiency to get the job done right and right away. And since Prestige is a small, local drywall contractor, we can almost always do the job for less overall costs than the bigger guys. 

Prestige specializes in residential new home construction drywall, drywall installation on new additions, framing, and commercial drywall. We always finish on schedule and we don’t leave unless the customer is satisfied!

Drywall Repair

While drywall has been commonly used in homes for a very long time, it does have its downsides. One of the most common being how easily it is to damage drywall. From tiny dings to giant holes, from small water spots to huge ceiling bubbles, there are about a million ways drywall damage can occur. If you’ve been a homeowner for any amount of time, you’ve likely experienced a situation that required drywall repair.

A great thing about drywall damage is that it can tell you about other serious problems with your home very early. Finding a drywall repair company in Mansfield to inspect the underlying cause of the drywall damage is very important. Simple patches are sometimes a cheap fix, but not addressing the issue that caused the damaged drywall can cause thousands of dollars later. 

Other causes of drywall damage can cause health problems if not addressed. Drywall mold that is visible on the outside is almost always a sign of more mold elsewhere. Drywall cracks that allow drafts can allow frigid air into the home. Both of these instances can possibly cause illnesses if not addressed, especially in children and the elderly.

When you contact Prestige to repair damaged drywall, we have the expertise to address the underlying issues as well. If the drywall damage is caused by water, you’re going to have to replace insulation as well as fix the water leak. Whenever your have an issue needing insulation or drywall repair in Mansfield or Central Ohio, call Prestige! Or click for a free estimate!

Let’s check out some common instances of damaged drywall:

Drywall Ceiling Repair

Ceiling damage is some of the most common problems in homes around the Mansfield area. Central Ohio can experience some massive storms any time of year. This causes roof damage, which in turn, leads to a damaged ceiling.  

If your ceiling requires drywall repair, before it can be fixed, you need to find out what caused it. When it is caused by a leak in the roof, the roof needs to be fixed before the drywall can be repaired. Failure to fix the causes of ceiling damage will cause the problem to occur again. Also, you will most likely incur other issues.

If it’s because you stepped between the beams in your attic, it’s probably safe to go ahead and get started on the repair!

hole in drywall ceiling

Drywall Water Damage

You don’t need holes in your walls of ceiling to signal a problem. By the time a leaky roof is noticed, there is usually a considerable amount of damage done behind the scenes. If you notice discolored drywall like similar to the attached picture, you need to contact a professional right away. Fill out our contact form and type “water damage” in the more information section. Someone from Prestige will contact you immediately.

Discoloration like in this photo is an early sign of damage that you need to take seriously. It can be a sign of a leaky pipe, drain, toilet, or a damaged roof. Any problems that cause water discoloration are going to require more than just basic drywall repair.

When water damage happens, the underlying problem needs to be addressed immediately. Not doing so could result in electrical issues, damaged insulation, mold, and dangerous structural problems. All of these issues can cause your home to be unsafe and your property value to decrease significantly.

water damage drywall ceiling

Drywall Mold

Drywall mold is another issue like water damage that is almost always a sign of a bigger problem. Sometimes the issue can be fixed with better ventilation and drywall repair. 

Mold issues commonly occur in dark, damp areas that are poorly ventilated. When moldy drywall is actually visible, that means there has been an issue for some time.

Certain types of mold can be not only damaging to your home, but dangerous for your health. If you notice mold on your drywall, you need to contact an expert right away. Call Prestige at (419) 528-8083, or click here for an immediate response.


drywall mold replacement

Drywall Holes

Alright, let’s face it; holes in the wall are just going to happen. Moving a new sofa, trip and try to catch yourself, angry Uncle at Thanksgiving. 

Depending on the size, they are sometimes not too difficult to repair. But doing it correctly and making it look good (enough to get a security deopsit back) is much more difficult.

Prestige Insulation & Drywall can complete any drywall repair in Mansfield, or the surrounding area, quickly and inexpensively. It will be impossible to tell that a drywall repair job was ever done in the damaged area. Not like those cheap patches from the Home Depot. Call (419) 528-8083 for an instant quote.


drywall hole repair

Drywall Cracks

Cracked drywall is one of the most unsightly things to occur in your home. Certain areas where drywall is damaged can be covered until they are fixed. But a large, several foot long crack is nearly impossible to hide.

Drywall cracking is most commonly a result in your home’s foundation shifting. Depending on the amount of foundation shift, you may need to address this issue. A visit from Prestige can help you discover whether this is an issue that needs addressed right away, or if a simple drywall repair job will be a temporary remedy. If it is a foundation issue, Prestige can help you go over options to ensure you don’t suffer a huge loss on your biggest investment; your home!


cracked drywall damage

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Drywall?

Drywall repair costs can vary from pretty inexpensive to “I just realized my foundation is sinking.”

The cost to repair damaged drywall is generally very insignificant compared to other issues damaged drywall can uncover. Finding out that there is significant  issues with your home can be very upsetting. But it’s always better to know  about a serious issue as as soon as possible, even if it’s a major issue you can’t afford to fix right away.

In most situations, we can provide a itemized, in home, quote within 24 hours. Generally, this is even possible to do remotely with few a detailed photographs. 

For an instant cost estimate for new drywall installation, framing, or drywall repair in Mansfield, contact Prestige today! We’re also best priced insulation contractor in the area as well!